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What is Home Loan EMI?

Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) is the amount payable every month to a bank or a financial institution against a loan taken from them. An EMI comprises of the principal loan amount and the interest charged thereon. The proportion of interest and principal amount on the loan may vary from time to time during the tenure of the loan.


What is the benefit of calculating EMI?

Basically, you get to know your new monthly expense before actually applying for the loan. Once you know the EMI you can decide on the affordability and plan your finances accordingly.


Why should you go for EMI?

EMI is a very flexible method as you can opt for a convenient tenure and go for the best interest rate available. There are tax deductions available on the principal as well as interest amount paid on housing loan given by the Income Tax Act.


How to use our EMI calculator and what information do you get?

The ART Housing Finance Home Loan calculator is very easy to use and gives you the desired information at the click of a button. All you need to do is enter the amount that you wish to apply for a loan. You will be also entering the interest rate based on the current market rate. Of course, our offer, which is most often the best offer, is only a click away.

Once you enter this information, you will get to know the EMI as well as the total payments, total interest payable and a percentage wise break-up of the principal amount due and the interest payable thereon.


Why ART Housing Finance?

ART stands for Alliances, Relationships and Technology, pillars that are core to our vision of providing new age housing driven by quality, transparency and an aim of accelerated home ownership. Our innovative product and service makes us the preferred loan partner to our customers. We are registered with the National Housing Bank and we are committed to propagating financial inclusion in India by serving more and more customer from the low and middle-income groups.

Since you are here, you can have a look at our company profile and our home loan products. We also offer a wide range of financial topics in our official blog page, which covers topics like Home Loans, Non-Home Loans, Affordable Housing, New Home Buyers, Personal Finance and Technology.