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Is taking home loan beneficial?

Is taking home loan beneficial?

Every human being’s dream is to own a home. To fulfill this dream, home loan plays a pivot role. Building your dream home, a home loan is a must these days.
23 September, 2022      Home Loans More ...

Tips in dealing with home loan interest hikes

Tips in dealing with home loan interest hikes

In today’s times buying a home is not an inspiration reserved for the 40’s or 50’s generation, it is very much a realistic dream for people in their 20’s and 30’s as well.
21 February, 2022      Home Loans More ...



RBI has issued circular in November 2021 which is applicable to all Financial Institutions (FIs), Banks and NBFCs to provide clarifications around regulatory guidelines on Income recognition, Asset classification and provisioning relating to advances.
30 December, 2021      Financial & Technical More ...

Benefits of owning multiple property

Benefits of owning multiple property

Is that a wise decision to invest in more than one property? For many people buying several houses may be a distant dream, but for those who can afford it, there are benefits of owning more than one house.
18 February, 2019      Financial & Technical More ...

Affordable Housing in India

Growth of Affordable Housing in India

Affordability is a very subjective term. When it comes to real estate, the term affordable housing can easily be interpreted as those housing projects which offers housing units of smaller size, lesser price and of course, lower loan burden attached.
04 February, 2019      Affordable Housing More ...

Financial Inclusion in India

Financial Inclusion in India

Financial Inclusion is said to have happened when a society is successful in bringing the marginalised section of society into the formalised financial system.
07 January, 2019      Financial & Technical More ...

Myths about Home Loans

Myths about Home Loans

There was a time when even thinking of buying a house in your 20s would have surprised people, let alone actually buying one. However, ambitious mindsets have inspired youngsters to invest in property very early in their lives.
30 October, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Balance Transfer

How balance transfer can help you save more ?

With the evolution in our financial sector, different schemes and offers have been adopted by banks and NBFCs to smoothen financial transactions. One such scheme is ‘Balance transfer of loan’
22 October, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Loan eligibility

Factors Affecting Home Loan Eligibility

To avail a home loan, you must be eligible for a loan. The financial institution offering the loan often sets a loan eligibility limit based on the applicant’s financial standing.
10 October, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Loans


It is often the case that people who are financially knowledgeable prefer to invest in real estate rather than in equities, possibly because the former is much easier to comprehend. That said, real estate too has its own technical ambiguities and jargons.
24 September, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Home Loans

what role do stamp duties play in buying a home ?

Everyone cherishes a dream of owning their dream home, but documentation and registration procedure does make that journey a tad difficult. Your ownership is not determined alone by the physical possession of a property.
10 September, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Home Loans

Benefits of owning a home at a younger age

Millennial, or people born in the early 1980s and 1990s, has a very key influence on the Indian economy. This demographic segment has been an important customer group for industry sectors, and therefore influence the strategies and decisions of these sect
03 September, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans: Everything you want to know!

Building a dream home for yourself is a never-ending desire. Even after owning a home, no one can remain satisfied for long and desires for more. If not a new home, then at least to give your current home the best possible renovation possible.
25 June, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Loans

Know all about Subvention Scheme by developers

Real-Estate is a quite competitive market and developers have to come up with new kind of schemes to attract the customers. One such tempting schemes that make sure to attract customers is the ‘Subvention Scheme’.
18 June, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Loan

Plan your Home Loan down payment

Buying a home is something that everyone desires most. Feeling of owning a home is very different from that of a rented home But, many people still find it quite difficult to buy their own property mostly due to lack of funds available.
11 June, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home Loan

Why go for a loan even if you have funds to buy a house?

Whether to buy a house with your hard earned money, that has been accumulated as saving over the years, or to opt for a home loan to fund your dream home? This question has bothered home buyers for a long time now. Both options have their own benefits
04 June, 2018      New Home Buyers More ...

Home Loan Pre- Payment

Is Home Loan Pre-payment good for you?

There is no denying the fact that any kind of debt is not good for the financial health of an individual. Whether it is a personal loan, vehicle loan, overdue credit cards or even a home loan.
21 May, 2018      Home Loans More ...

Home loan top-up | Top-up loan on home loan

Can you avail home loan top-up ?

Sometimes little extra is all that we need to fulfill our dreams. Many times we find ourselves in need for little extra funds for any kind of purpose, expected or unexpected, such as renovations in the home, marriage, to expand the business.
15 May, 2018      Home Loans More ...

loan against property vs business loan

Loan Against Property Vs Business Loans

In today’s era, finance industry has become quite matured in terms of providing all sorts of lending options, tailored to cater specific requirements of the borrowers. Financers understand that a customer can face any number of expenses; planned or
01 May, 2018      Non Home Loans More ...

Benefits of Joint-ownership property

Benefits of Joint-Ownership of property

Buying a property is without any doubt one of the biggest financial decisions one ever takes, especially when we take into consideration, the significant rise in property values across India in recent years. This has forced customers to take into consider
01 April, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna ( PMAY )

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY)

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana comes as a respite for these needy homeless peoples to bring some change in their life and increase their social stature. PMAY was launched in June 2015 by our prime minister Narendra Modi.
15 March, 2018      Affordable Housing More ...

Own Home VS Rented Home

Why owning a house is better than staying on rent.

In a life of constant dilemma, one question which increases our heartbeat and stress is "Should I go for buying a house for myself or live in a rented place". This question is not merely a question, one wrong decision can hamper your dreams of
01 March, 2018      New Home Buyers More ...

Cuber Security in NBFC

Role of Cyber Security in NBFC

Anything that connects to the internet can and will be hacked as the saying goes. To combat the vulnerability caused by cyber criminals, non-banking financial companies need to make their cybersecurity robust.
20 February, 2018      Technology More ...

Blockchain Implementation in NBFC's

Blockchain Implementation in NBFC’s

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology has several attractive features to offer in the financial sector that can revolutionize the operational aspects of NBFC’s.
01 February, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

affordable housing finance

Real Estate and Affordable Housing

Individual wealth in real estate is poised to double up in next 5 years. And the proportion of real estate wealth to the overall physical wealth would be staggering high riding over the fast creation of wealth in real state.
15 January, 2018      Affordable Housing More ...

home improvement loans

7 variants of home loans in India -

owning a home for financially weaker areas of the general public is absolutely unfeasible until and unless an individual chooses to cite for a home loan depending upon their necessity and requirement.
10 January, 2018      Home Loans More ...

home loans in India

The Secrets of becoming an expert home buyer!!!

Becoming an expert in home buying is not like taking a walk in the park, rather it requires lots of effort and comparison to choose the proper Project and scheme suitable for your budget.
01 January, 2018      New Home Buyers More ...

Understanding the basic terms used in property deals

From the emails I received over the last few weeks, I've come to realise that there is still a fair bit of confusion when it comes to understanding the complicated terms used in the property deals and contracts.
15 July, 2017      Financial & Technical More ...

Types of Power of Attorney

It's important to note there are different types of 'Power of Attorneys' for different purposes. Main types include: general, limited, health care, durable, and springing, all of which will be explained here.
29 June, 2017      Home Loans More ...

Guide for new home improvements-

New home development is a colossal task, and can appear to be overpowering to individuals who are new to the procedure. However, just like any large task, it is easy to handle if you break it down into steps.
15 October, 2017      New Home Buyers More ...

The Ultimate Home Loan Shopping

In the midst of the happiness of imagining your new home comes the calming reality of looking for a home loan. Now is the ideal time devouring, it's unpredictable, and it's a bit of overwhelming.
29 June, 2017      Home Loans More ...

house loan calculator

5 tips to financially plan your home loan

How should you arrive at how much home loan you should avail? Taking a home loan should be a conscious process and a well-planned one. It is virtually a commitment for life often, or at least for a long period of time.
15 August, 2017      New Home Buyers More ...

3 golden tips to manage your home loan burden

Most home buyers stretch finances to buy a flat, but this may not be a good idea, writes Manish Shah. He lists out three unique tips that may help you refine your home buying decision without exerting financial pressure on the family.
01 August, 2017      Home Loans More ...