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 interest rate change

How an interest rate change can affect credit cards, home loans, personal loans and savings

The policy interest rate, which is the interest rate that the central bank of a country sets in order to control the fiscal market and the economy, is known by different names and has different rates in different countries.
04 March, 2019      Financial & Technical More ...

Benefits of owning multiple property

Benefits of owning multiple property

Is that a wise decision to invest in more than one property? For many people buying several houses may be a distant dream, but for those who can afford it, there are benefits of owning more than one house.
18 February, 2019      Financial & Technical More ...

Financial Inclusion in India

Financial Inclusion in India

Financial Inclusion is said to have happened when a society is successful in bringing the marginalised section of society into the formalised financial system.
07 January, 2019      Financial & Technical More ...

Home Loans


It is often the case that people who are financially knowledgeable prefer to invest in real estate rather than in equities, possibly because the former is much easier to comprehend. That said, real estate too has its own technical ambiguities and jargons.
24 September, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Home Loans

Rising repo rates! is your home still affordable ?

Repo rate or repurchase rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (RBI in case of India) lends money to banks for short period by buying their securities (financial assets).
17 September, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Home Loans

what role do stamp duties play in buying a home ?

Everyone cherishes a dream of owning their dream home, but documentation and registration procedure does make that journey a tad difficult. Your ownership is not determined alone by the physical possession of a property.
10 September, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Benefits of Joint-ownership property

Benefits of Joint-Ownership of property

Buying a property is without any doubt one of the biggest financial decisions one ever takes, especially when we take into consideration, the significant rise in property values across India in recent years. This has forced customers to take into consider
01 April, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Blockchain Implementation in NBFC's

Blockchain Implementation in NBFC’s

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology has several attractive features to offer in the financial sector that can revolutionize the operational aspects of NBFC’s.
01 February, 2018      Financial & Technical More ...

Understanding the basic terms used in property deals

From the emails I received over the last few weeks, I've come to realise that there is still a fair bit of confusion when it comes to understanding the complicated terms used in the property deals and contracts.
15 July, 2017      Financial & Technical More ...