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#ArtInNews: Media highlights ART's threefold increase in lending business by 2017 (courtesy PTI) | Regional Media : Top hindi publications cover ARTs' expansion | ART expands beyond Delhi & NCR: Opens its branches in Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Gujarat| As an NHB partner AAHF rolls out CLSS benefit for deserving Home Loan seekers.
Affordable Housing Finance

Home Loans


Home Purchase

Loan for purchase of ready built/ under-construction residential property

Home Construction

Loan for construction of a residential property

Home Extension

Loan for extension on an existing residential house be it an additional room, additional floor, a larger bathroom, or even enclosing an open balcony etc.

Home Improvement

Loan for renovation/ makeover, both internal, as well as external, of an existing residential house like tiling and flooring, painting, plumbing and electrical work, waterproofing and roofing, grills and aluminium windows, waterproofing on terrace, construction of underground/overhead water tank, paving of compound wall etc.

Home Composite

Loan for purchase of a plot and construction of a residence thereafter within a specific time


Reimbursement of expenses already spent for buying, constructing or extending a home

Balance Transfer Loan

Transfer of a Home Loan from an approved institution

Balance Transfer + Top Up Loan

Transfer of a Home Loan from an approved institution with the facility of a top-up loan



  • Long Loan tenure upto 20 years
  • Loans ranging from Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 50 Lakhs*
  • Attractive rate of interest
  • Home Loans up to 90% of the property value*
  • No pre-payment charges in home loans, wherever applicable
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Minimum income/net profit of a family member/business can be as low as Rs. 5000 p.m.*

*Terms and Conditions apply


  • Technology enabled paperless application
  • Easy documentation
  • Personalized customer service
  • Transparent processes
  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your needs
  • Assessment based credit understanding
  • Quick and efficient processing
  • Competitive home loan interest rate
  • Skilled and Trained Team


  • Indian Resident
  • Minimum 23 years at the commencement of the Loan
  • Upto 65 years of age at loan maturity*
  • Salaried and Self employed Segments
  • Formal and Informal Income Segments
  • Eligibility is dependent on applicant’s income and repaying capacity, age, employment/business vintage, assets and liabilities, cost of the proposed property etc.

*Terms and Conditions apply



Subsidy benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana


Scheme Highlights

  • Applicable for four customer income groups;
    • Economically Weaker Section (EWS)
    • Low Income Group (LIG)
    • Middle Income Group-I (MIG-I)
    • Middle Income Group-II (MIG-II)
  • Families with household1 income up to ₹ 18 Lakhs  can avail the benefit of subsidy
  • Different carpet areas allowed for different income group of customers
  • Subsidy of 3% to 6.5% on the eligible loan amount on different income group of customers


Eligibilty Criteria

  • Women ownership of property is preffered
  • No other Pucca house ownership in the name of any member of the household
  • Other norms as per the table below


Scheme Income Group Max. Annual Household Income Loan Amt. qualified for Subsidy Rate of Interest Subsidy Carpet Area of the housing unit Max. Tenor Max. Subsidy Amount
Scheme for EWS/LIG EWS Upto ₹ 3 lacs ₹ 6 lacs 6.50% Upto 30 Sq Mtrs 20 years Max ₹ 2.67 lacs
LIG ₹ 3.01 lacs to ₹ 6 lacs ₹ 6 lacs 6.50% Upto 60 Sq Mtrs 20 years Max ₹ 2.67 lacs
Scheme for MIG MIG-I ₹ 6.01 lacs to ₹ 12 lacs ₹ 9 lacs 4.00% Upto 90 Sq Mtrs 20 years Max ₹ 2.35 lacs
MIG-II ₹ 12.01 lacs to ₹ 18 lacs ₹ 12 lacs 3.00% Upto 110 Sq Mtrs 20 years Max ₹ 2.30 lacs


1Household incudes husband, wife and unmarried children