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The Secrets of becoming an expert home buyer!!!

01 January, 2018      New Home Buyers


Becoming an expert in home buying is not like taking a walk in the park, rather it requires lots of effort and comparison to choose the proper Project and scheme suitable for your budget.

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Here we will take you to the keys steps and procedures that will be required while owning a house you always dreamed about. 

Market inspection:

Contacting various property brokers and real-estate builders to gather the list of projects that are available in the market, along with the list of banks and housing finance agencies backing the project, is the initial stage of any research carried out by the Home Buyer in the market.


it's really important to observe the builder profile and his general history before taking any decision. Hover over the internet and gather the information regarding the builder's old ventures and The reviews of the customer regarding it.

Checking the authenticity of the Project is the very important as many builders fall into various litigations of being a fraud or constructing the project on a non-authorized land. As such it is very essential to check the title deed of the land upon which the project Is being built. Make sure that the entire layout of the Project has been approved by the Development Authority.

Housing Finance Company:

After selecting the Right Project from a reputed builder, Comes the very next step of identifying the right Lender with suitable Home Loan Schemes. Start with exploring the products the housing finance companies in India has to offer, Like ART Housing Finance provides following products under home loan and these - under non-home loan section.

It is highly advisable to check the following factors towards the various housing Finance Companies in India before purchasing your home:

 1.    Fees and Charges: Always have a run-through over their fees and charges page so that you never fall for any false promises or overcharges from the Housing Finance Companies in India. You can check one of such page Here -

2.    Home Loan Amount percentage: usually, the Home loan amounts in India lies between 80% to 85% of the Original property value. So while Choosing the housing finance company keep the track on the percentage of the loan that is being offered against your property.



Selecting any Scheme without comparing it is just like picking the most shining rock from the beach. Always try comparing the best offers provided in the market as there is a great chance of negotiation and choosing the best with the lowest rate.

Try Comparing the Projects with other builders based on the Time Period, Materials used, Contractors working with them, the responsiveness of the builder towards any query and the financial institutions connected with them. Never miss the Locality along the facilities provided by the builder, as a home with good locality and best facilities is always worth buying even at higher cost.

Keep your mind always clear with what type of property you are willing to buy, as the cost will always vary based on the type of property, as for instance if you want to buy a ready to move property or an under construction property.

Never miss the comparing the various financial institutions before making the final purchase as different institutions provide different schemes at varying rates. Remember, Customer testimonials speaks the true services cater by the institute. For instance, check the testimonials of ART Housing Finance Customer on its homepage along with the smooth paperless process carries by our company.

Financial Calculations: ( Home Loan EMI Calculator | Insurance)

Buying a house is itself a huge financial stretch, and on an average, a person cuts his 25% to 40% of his household expenses after taking the Home Loans in India. If you are availing loan, then you should be ready to contribute 20% of property value. This amount should not be raised through loan or debt. Ideally, it is advisable to contribute at least 40% down payment from savings to reduce loan burden.

Its highly recommended to use the Home Loan EMI Calculator to forecast the EMI you will be getting based on the loan amount and the interest rate provided by the Housing Finance Company. For an instance try our Home Loan EMI Calculator

- . The EMI would be larger during the initial months and gradually decrease with every installment.  The percentage allocated towards payment of the principal amount depends on the interest rate provided by the Housing Finance Company. Despite the fact that your month to month EMI installment won't change, the proportion of principal amount and interest will change with time.

 If you take a large home, then taking an insurance cover as is always the best practice. Purchase a term plan of the same amount to ensure that nothing come in between you and your family Happiness. For more details on Insurance please visit .


Proper Paperwork :

A proper paperwork is always needed to be carried before making any property purchases in order to avoid any fall for the false promises by the Builder or the Financial institution.

The building plans should be sanctioned by the development authority without which the construction of any building will be considered as illegal. The Core legal document that acts as the proof of sale and transfer of the Property is the Sale deed and as such it is mandatory to read each and every terms and condition before signing off the final paper.


Try not to let the cluster of home loans papers to stall you in making blind signs on legal documents. Check the records to guarantee that the terms are the same as what you arranged and settled upon. Read the reports deliberately and know the distinctive charges applicable.